Learning Effectiveness Suite (LES)

LES allows clients to organize and use their evaluation and assessment data systematically to manage and improve their instructional programs. One major component of the system is evidence-based instructor feedback for development throughout the learning process. Our focus on formative and summative evaluation allows current learners to benefit from providing evaluations and for clients to maximize learning outcomes by identifying and addressing various critical factors during the learning process. 

LES Benefits & Features

Identify Issues & Take Action. Our team utilizes valid and reliable metrics, formative and summative evaluation methods, comparative analysis, and historical/trend analyses to uncover a variety of potential training issues. LES automatically generates reports during and after training containing intuitive data displays that identify where action is needed. These reports create a solid foundation for evaluation performance, supporting developmental decisions, and satisfying external requirements.

Easy to Use. With a point and click interface, there’s no need to be a computer whiz. Landing pages help you navigate from place to place in the site. Information icons aid your interpretation of results. Hyperlinked data displays help you drill further into your results. Lists are organized alphabetically and collection points are arranged chronologically. Our managed online solution allows you to track and distribute information with ease.

Increase Training Value. Conventional end-of-training evaluations do not provide all the necessary information for improving training while in session. That’s why we collect data during training, as well as at the completion of training. LES allows you to maximize the results from and, therefore, the value of your training program by making issues transparent so that issues can be resolved during training and at the completion of training, leveraging your investment.

Improve Training Outcomes. A survey can be a valuable tool in improving your training program, but you need to ask the right questions. Backed by years of research, we have identified key areas of training evaluation that, when measured, evaluated, and adjusted, can lead to improved trainee outcomes such as higher test scores, improved trainee confidence, higher motivation to transfer skills, and improved trainee satisfaction with the course. Future releases will support predictive analytics, so you can identify likelihood of training success ahead of time.

Optimize Instructor Development. Instructors need to be proactive in their development journey. LES helps by identifying strength areas and opportunities for improvement. Our proprietary instructor evaluation model emphasizes sound instructional choices and strategic use of resources so that trainees reach their goals. Future releases will provide even more tools for development, such as an instructor portfolio for collection, curating, and reflecting on teaching experiences, and a classroom observation tool for observing teacher performance.

LMS Connectivity. LES easily integrates with existing learning management systems (LMS), allowing you to leverage existing platforms and data. Integration with LMS like D2L™ make acquiring and distributing reports a cinch, while removing the need for multiple login points.