It is with mixed feelings that we announce that Dr. Stephen Ward has stepped down as Vice President of ALPS Solutions. We started Surface & Ward (now ALPS Solutions) as graduate students to see how our studies applied in the ‘real world’.  Together this experiment was nursed from an entity that did one or two small projects a year to having employees and multiple contracts year round.

We are both saddened by his departure and grateful for the years spent working together as friends and business partners. We are proud of what has been built and of all those who have helped build it over the years. Over 200 interns, contractors and employees have worked with us on short- and long-term projects since 1997. Some graduate students have used our projects as the source of data for dissertations, theses and projects. We provided the first job in I/O psychology for many. We are especially proud of our long-time team members who have been with us for 7 to 11 years as we have seen them grow as professionals, they have contributed greatly to our success and we have learned much from them. We know our newer team members aspire to their example.

We move forward secure in the knowledge that ALPS Solutions will continue to deliver its products and services at the high standards for which it is known. We move forward excited by new innovations and software ( We move forward wishing everyone the best in all future experiments. As we move forward, the ALPS team will continue to pursue our mission to make a difference in learning and performance for individuals and organizations.